Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back at school

The semester has started and classes are nearly in full swing. Most of my classes seem pretty okay although one of my professors speaks and writes at about a first grade level. Sure the whole "originally from China" thing might cause that but it sure isn't gonna help me figure how to use a nearly impossible SAP program that seems like spanish to me as it is. So putting it that way I am taking a course in both Chinese and Spanish this semester. That should really be an enriching experience. Having a new room this year has been really nice so far too. We finally have our own bathroom and shower. I know most college students have apartments by this point, but hey, I don't, so back off. But speaking of the dorm, we had a meeting to get to know everyone and meet with the RA. And WOW, I live with a breath takingly ugly group of people. I don't consider myself particularly great looking but the guys in this dorm make me look like brad pitt walking amongst gollum from LOTR. Well thats all I have for now, I'll be back when Maggie forces me to post again!

1 comment:

rob said... should win lots of 'friend points' with your spanish/chinese engineering professor and your exceedingly handsome floormates! But it made me laugh and I thank you.

Now...what's the wager gonna be...Flyers -Sabres? You name it.....season series, regular season standings...playoff reecord? You bought our pansy ass co-captain, put your money where yor mouth is!

Your pal....Rob